Texas Marijuana Defense Attorney

Christopher Simpkins is a San Antonio based criminal defense attorney provides effective legal representation to individuals facing charges for marijuana-related offenses throughout Texas. I am an active member of the Legal Committee of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), and unlike many members, I am a regular attendee of their legal seminars and I understand the unique issues inherent in marijuana cases. It gives me great pride to providing personalized and aggressive legal representation to my clients facing marijuana charges. I have obtained dismissals of all charges for his client’s in cases involving personal use amounts, as well as felony cases involving multiple pounds and also matters involving large amounts of cannabis concentrates and hashish. Call me and we’ll work together to get the best results for you.

If You were Arrested for Marijuana Charges I Can Help

If you, or a loved one, is facing marijuana-related charges, you need to contact marijuana charges lawyer, Christopher W. Simpkins, at (210) 273-4874. I’m a knowledgeable and dedicated marijuana defense lawyer who will take the time to offer you a free initial consultation to discuss your case. As a marijuana charge defense lawyer I have dedicated my career to standing up for the rights of individuals arrested for marijuana related offenses, and I will zealously fight to protect your freedom and future from the devastating consequences of a criminal conviction.

You do not, and should not, have to face marijuana related charges without an experienced and skilled advocate on your side, call the Law Office of Christopher W. Simpkins to insure that your case receives the personal attention and dedication you deserve.