Clear Your Criminal Record

Many people erroneously believe that because their criminal case was dismissed, “no-billed” by a grand jury, or they were found not guilty at trial, there would be no public record of their arrest and the criminal proceedings.

If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, public records exist related to the incident that are publicly accessible.

  • Landlords may deny you access to housing when applying for housing.
  • Employers could place your resume at the bottom of a stack of job applicants, or deny your promotion.
  • Licensing agencies could pull essential certifications you have that are necessary to your profession.
  • Countless other possibilities exist, such as denial of educational opportunities and/or scholarships.

Dedication to Each Matter

You do not need to endure this treatment. Christopher Simpkins can work to successfully obtain an expunction that allows you to legally deny ever being arrested or prosecuted for that offense. Agencies possessing records that are subject to the Court’s Order of Expunction must destroy the records or return to the records to the court for destruction.

Texas law treats an expunction as though you were never arrested or charged. You can legally deny ever being arrested or prosecuted for that offense.

Get your record sealed

Many individuals have a blemish on their record from an arrest or charge that occurred when they were young that continues to haunt them. Getting your record sealed can be a new beginning.

The Law Office of Christopher Simpkins provides effective and efficient legal representation to individuals seeking to clear their criminal arrest records. Contact us today to discuss your matter.

Orders of Non-Disclosure

Under Texas law, expunctions are not available if you’ve received deferred adjudication for certain offenses.

  • Class B Misdemeanor Offense – i.e. criminal mischief, criminal trespass, theft between $50-$500.
  • Class A Misdemeanor Offense – i.e. certain types of assault, reckless operation of a vehicle, public lewdness, and certain types of assault.
  • Felony Offense of any degree – aggravated assault, burglary, and DWI (third offense).

If you were placed on deferred adjudication for such an offense and you have completed the term and been discharged, you may qualify to have the records sealed from public disclosure by petitioning and obtaining an Order of Non-Disclosure.

Superior Knowledge of the Law

If you have a criminal record and wish to either expunge or seal the records relating to the arrest and proceedings, you need to discuss your case with a skilled and talented lawyer who cares about your future and has the knowledge and experience to help your situation.

As a dedicated criminal defense attorney, Simpkins understands the negative effects that a criminal record can have and is fully devoted to helping clients get a fresh start. Call the Law Office of Christopher W. Simpkins at (210) 273-4874.