Christopher Simpkins is a San Antonio based criminal defense lawyer dedicated to providing exceptional and personalized legal representation in criminal trial litigation and appellate law matters in Bexar County and other counties and municipalities throughout Central and South Texas.

The Law Office of Christopher W. Simpkins exclusively handles matters relating to criminal law, with a focus on defending individuals against charges of driving while intoxicated (DWI), marijuana offenses, and drug charges, as well as other felony and misdemeanor offenses. Christopher Simpkins has broad based experience in criminal defense and a proven history of obtaining successful outcomes for his clients in cases ranging from the most minor of criminal offenses to first-degree felony charges.  If you or someone you care about is in the need of a skillful and talented criminal defense attorney, call us for a free initial consultation with Mr. Simpkins regarding your case and individual circumstances, and how he can help.

San Antonio Riverwalk - Defense Attorney Christopher Simpkins
San Antonio County Courthouse - Defense Attorney Christopher Simpkins

Being arrested and charged with criminal offense is an inherently stressful situation, and you need a knowledgeable and skilled advocate on your side.  Christopher Simpkins has dedicated his career to defending his client’s  in matters relating to criminal law and he understands the unique dynamics and circumstances of the criminal justice system.  Moreover, Christopher Simpkins understands what you are going through and offers competent, compassionate, and effective legal representation, uniquely tailored to each particular client’s circumstance. Christopher Simpkins is committed to protecting our civil liberties and zealously advocating for the rights of his clients, and if retained, he will do everything possible within the bounds of the law to defend your rights. Moreover, at the Law Office of Christopher W. Simpkins, we are committed to providing client-centered representation, and Mr. Simpkins will throughly explain the proceedings, keep you fully informed about the developments in your case, and work diligently to protect your reputation and future from the devastating consequences of a criminal conviction.